What is Intelligent Hospital Management System (iHMS)?

  • iHMS is an integrated, modular cloud enabled intelligent system.
  • The Solution is developed using next generation advanced & Intelligent computing technologies.
  • The system is fully customizable with feature rich GUI & is user friendly.
  • iHMS is supported with well trained, disciplined and experienced professionals to provide home ICU on demand.
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Years experience
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Differentiators of iHMS

  • iHMS is intelligent & mobile Hospital Management Software.
  • iHMS has inbuilt database backup facility for safety and reliability.
  • Its is an Integrated Health Care Resource Programme.
  • It automates end to end patient care management system.
  • iHMS facilitates the patients with affordable, proactive 360 degree patient care, starting with online consultation of medical specialists to delivering high curability index.

Online Upload of Medical Records

Online Appointment Management System

  • Availability Management -Easily create available slots and control the schedule.
  • Multi Doctor and Department Support – Multiple doctors and departments can be dynamically provisioned.
  • Reserve Slots – You can specify slots as walk-in/reserve slots. This will help manage walk-ins and emergencies on real time basis.
  • Waiting Room– In built auto scheduler to schedule the patients.
  • Shifting Appointments – Schedules the appointments on demand and notifies by SMS, Whatsapp, Email or on call as demanded.
  • Cancellations – Dynamically cancels the appointments and notifies as demanded.

Digital Patient Care System

  • Dynamic platform adds real-time patient self-scheduling functionalities to Weblok Patient Management Solution
  • An enterprising and customizable patient management solution aimed at reducing lost slots, accelerating appointment scheduling, streamlining appointment preparation, and improving patient and staff satisfaction.
  • Collaboration builds on Weblok open, interoperable patient management and analytics platform.

Online Upload of Medical Records

Home ICU and Nursing Services

  • Early detection and immediate cure with competitive nurses & doctors at home.
  • Expertise from an interdisciplinary team of specialist.
  • Appropriate monitoring and communication via remote monitoring devices.
  • Infection Prevention.
  • Cost Advantage.
  • Stress Reduction – Because elderly patients are peaceful at home.

Medical Tourism

  • High-Quality Healthcare
  • Affordability and Cost-effectiveness
  • Advantage of time
  • Improved Flight and Communication Services
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Confidentiality and Privacy reasons

Digital Wellness

  • One-stop for health and wellness solutions and information.
  • Regular check on employees daily health behaviors.
  • Deliver reports and updates on health.
  • Healthcare awareness delivery .
  • Easy access to reports.
  • Easy payments.
  • Evaluation of risks and cure.