In this given space I’ll write about YouTube Music. We all know how helpful YouTube is in today’s scenario. Be it news, entertainment, learning crafts, music, etc., everything we want is just a click away. We just need to choose among many options that cater to our needs. 

One way to do this is to get a premium membership of YouTube Music. You can then listen to your music uninterrupted and also use other apps as well. In addition to listening to music without interruption, you can access ad-free, download videos offline, play music in the background, and also in audio mode.

There are lots of extra information and storytelling on YouTube so it’s quite obvious that you may want to listen to music and all in the background and do your chores at the same time.

A recent version of YouTube allows Pip (Picture in Picture) which lets you listen to the video. But you cannot play any music video. Pip doesn’t work for any video classified as the music video. The only way is to be a subscriber of YouTube Music. But there is a way out. You can listen/play a single track on android as well as the iPhone. The only difference being in android the song repeats itself while on iPhone it stops playing.

First, let me tell you how you can go about playing music on android.

  • Use the browser of your phone and then go to YouTube.
  • Find a video of your choice whichever you want to play).
  • On the upper right corner of the screen, you will find three dots. Tap on that. A drop-down menu appears from which you have to select the Desktop site.
  • This lets you use the desktop version of YouTube. Then start the video again.
  • From your notifications on the phone, you will find the current song. Play the song to restart it.

Now I’ll tell you how you can play music in the background on iPhones and this works most of the time.

  • Use the mobile version of YouTube. And find a video of your choice in Safari.
  • On the top left corner of the screen, you will find a symbol as “AA”. Tap on that.
  • Just after this, a dropdown appears from which you need to tap on the Request Desktop Website.
  • Start the video in the desktop version of YouTube and close the Safari app.
  • The video will stop playing. But then you need to pull down the Control Center which is at the top right of the screen. You will find your current video there. Press on the video and listen to your music.

This method will work only if you delete the YouTube app. If not deleted, then Safari will direct you to the app automatically.

If it doesn’t work for you at first, then simply go back to the Safari app and restart the video.

Another alternative is to use the Air tube app. This app is a music player for YouTube. You can download your music and listen to it as and when you like. Besides downloading music, you can also play it in the background. A small pop-out window appears which lets you enjoy videos as well do other works.

There are other apps as well which helps you out with the same purpose. Some of them are Background player for YouTube Vanced minimize, free music player stream (though it has some issues that need to be fixed), float Tube, etc.

So this is the piece of information I had to give you. I hope you like it and also you have learned to play music in the background.

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