In this space, I’ll be telling you all about Google Pay. So before jumping straight to the topic, I would like you to give a brief description of Google Pay and all related things that you must know.

First is, “What is Google Pay?” Google Pay is an app by which you can send and receive money. To receive and send money you have to add debit/credit card to Google Pay. The app lets you store your card (debit/credit) information(s), and also use the stored information to pay for items, be it in apps or online or in-person. This is the basic function/ purpose of the app. More precisely, it can be said that it is a digital payment and mobile payment system.

Second is, “Where will you get Google Pay?” You can download it from the Play Store on your mobile phone.    

The third is, “How to use Google Pay?” After you are finished with downloading the app, first you open the app and select language. Then enter your mobile number. After this step, the app will ask for some permission, and you have to allow them. Login into your Google account and click on continue. An OTP will come over, wait for it, and then tap on the Next button. After this is the verification process. Verification can be done in many ways and you have to choose a way out of the following:

  • Verify the code sent to you by email or text. All you need to do for this is checking for the code and entering the code in the app.
  • Call your bank/credit card issuer to get your verification code.
  • Sign in to your bank’s app/ credit card’s app to verify the payment method.
  • Allowing small charges (temporary charge) to be made to your account. This lets your verification be done in the app itself.

 The most important thing that you must ensure (before starting to use the app) is that the mobile number of the phone and the number that is registered with the bank is the same.

Once you are done with the verification process you need to register a bank account. Also, your bank must support the UPI Payment service. If not, you cannot use the app. Now, after you’re sure that your bank has UPI Payment service, you open the app and tap on your photo. Next tap on the “add bank “option. Select the bank. Next, you will have to create a UPI pin. But if you already have UPI account and PIN then the app will ask you to enter them. After this, you need to enter the expiry date and confirm. After verification, you can use the app.

Now I’ll tell you the way to make payments in Google Play. For this open, the app, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and select any contact to which you want to send money. (Also you can tap on New to search your other contacts). Next, you tap on Pay and enter the amount you want to send. An option will appear that says” Proceed to pay”, click on that. Enter your UPI PIN and your payment will be done.

Not only you can send and receive money through the app but also you can withdraw money from your Google Play. On withdrawing the amount you can transfer it to a linked bank account. Let me tell you how you can withdraw money. First sign in to payment methods. Click on Transfer balance under “Google Pay Balance”. Enter the amount that you want to be transferred. Confirm the payment method and click on Transfer. You’re done.

In a day, you can send money up to 10 times a day. This is the limit set up for payments through Google Pay.

Let me now tell you some other benefits provided by Google Pay. Google Pay allows you to transmit card information for fund transfer to the retailer, send and receive money through audio (for this you need to scan QR code that appears on the screen. At the same time slide the circle for payment and receipt), paying utility bills (such as electricity bills, gas, insurance bills, water bills, etc.), multiple paying options, loan offering (as the app has tied up with ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, and Kotak Bank) and also you can get rewards and cashback.   

Now you must be thinking if the app is safe to use. Well yes, transactions made through this app are completely safe. This is because all payment information is kept by Google on secure servers. Your complete credit/debit card details are never stored on your phone neither are they shared with merchants while using the app. A virtual account number is provided to the merchants.

I hope the above information helps you. Download the app and enjoy a cashless experience.

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